Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Passover Round-Up

Passover is almost here, which means a very limited diet for some, but fear not, as there are still plenty of delicious goodies to eat.  I've assembled a round up of Passover friendly eats for you here, and feel free to chime in with your suggestions too!

Chocolate Matzoh - There's nothing like a beautiful matzoh on this non-bready holiday, and I love decking mine in chocolate and fancy accouterments such as pistachios or dried fruit.  Here's a simple recipe for a dark chocolate truffled sea salt matzoh I made last year.  

Homemade Macaroons - A very different but equally delicious treat that sounds similar to the elegant French confection, this one is coconutey, a little creamy and often drizzled with chocolate, in honor of this holiday.

Classic Chicken Soup - One year, I decided to make a from scratch chicken soup, instead of having my hand in dessert and it came out great.  I recommend it, as it's low maintenance and goes a long way.  Anyone from adults to very small children will find comfort in this classic. 

Matzoh Brei - Another Passover staple, Matzoh Brei always wins big point, especially as a breakfast dish.  It's made of eggs and milk-soaked matzoh that creates a comforting dish not unlike Mexican chilaquiles.  

Shakshuka - The recent recipe I've tried for Shakshuka would also make a nice Passover dish, not so much for a Seder but more for the everyday weekly meal.  All you need is 5 simple ingredients, including eggs, tomatoes, spices and olive oil and you've got yourself a hearty breakfast or dinner.

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