Thursday, April 12, 2012

There's No Passover Without Chicken Soup

During this Passover season, I'm proud to say that I took on a huge task at the Seder, which involved making two large batches of homemade chicken soup - to feed 22 people!  I was definitely in the mood for a challenge, and wanted to prove to myself that I can make a tasty, homemade chicken soup that would make my parents proud.  I wanted to impress my mom especially since she's the chicken soup master, and my dad is quite the connoisseur too, eating chicken soup since early days when my grandmother used to make it each week, using their  farm fresh chickens of course.

Anyway, on to my version, which I couldn't believe how simple it was to make.  The key, as with most good food, is the quality of buying a really good, organic chicken, and fresh, bright veggies.  The rest is really up to the soup gods, as you throw everything in one big pot, cover with with water and slow cook it for about 3 hours.  You'll absolutely love the way your whole apartment (or house) smells while you're making it, and you won't think of anything but home sweet home.

Here's the recipe I used from the April issue of Food Network magazine.

While the recipe also helps you make the ever-so-coveted matzoh balls, I left those to the experts (aka Mom!)

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