Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Passover with Chocolate Matzoh

Happy Passover, friends!  Being locked down the whole weekend with a bad case of the flu, I've no doubt been a bit technologically constrained.  Haven't touched a computer, camera, iPad, etc if you can believe it, in days!  But now back at it, I had to celebrate my nearly feeling better with something a little creative.

Since it's the first night of Passover tonight, I wanted to share this awesome (and so simple) chocolate matzoh idea I got from The One (aka Martha Stewart).  I changed up her recipe a bit, using Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec chocolate as well as truffled sea salt - a little indulgence never hurt anyone.  Especially on a holiday when you can't eat bread :)

If you're looking for more sweet inspiration, here are some of my past Passover dessert recipes.  Enjoy and have a happy and healthy Pesach.

Pistachio, Chocolate, Sea Salt Matzoh
Homemade macaroons
Passover candy with a twist
Brutti e Buoni for Passover

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