Thursday, April 3, 2014

1-2-3 Shakshuka!

A funny thing happened when today's Dishcrawl email landed in my inbox, as the word Shakshuka immediately caught my eye. Familiar with this dish from Middle Eastern restaurants such as Mezze Place and Lola in Great Neck, I was curious to learn about its preparation, especially since Dishcrawl's how-to videos are usually really easy to follow.

In just about 2 and a half minutes, I learned all that was required were 4 ingredients, a hot pan and a big appetite.  Lucky to have all three requirements under my proverbial belt, I made the dish in about 10 minutes total, including its simple preparation.  Although the recipe calls for whole Roma tomatoes, all I had were these cute little cherry tomatoes that did just fine.  Deciding to be more healthful, I omitted the bread, but you can add that or even a warmed up corn tortilla (or two).  Enjoy!

Shakshuka recipe, courtesy of Dishcrawl


  1. It looks delicious but for your information this has nothing to do with Shakhuka. This is what Shakshuka looks like:

  2. I think there's different types of shakshuka, yours looks lovely too!



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