Monday, April 14, 2014

Chocolate Caramel Passover Matzoh

Given that Passover starts tonight, and we're about to go to our first night's Seder, I wanted to spread some festivities through sharing a homemade chocolate caramel matzoh recipe.  Also known as Matzoh candy, this easy-to-make and fun-to-assemble dish is always a hit, so I made a lot of extra and packed it in some to-go boxes as well.

Originally spotting the recipe on Smitten Kitchen, it can be made with Matzoh or even just regular crackers when it's not Passover.  The homemade caramel is super easy to make, as all you need is good quality unsalted butter and brown sugar.  After you pour this on to the matzoh (I used whole wheat Streit's matzoh), you then sprinkle on the chocolate and get creative with your toppings.  My embellishments of choice included chopped pistachios, candied coconut, festive sprinkles and chopped Heath bar crunch.  You can use anything else that strikes your fancy, such as dried fruit M&M's, sea salt, etc - get creative!

Hope you find this easy recipe from Smitted Kitchen handy, and do let me know about the unique combinations you come up with.  Happy Passover, everyone!

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