Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Committing Delicious Carbicide at Mac!

In the mood for some carby goodness, Dan and I recently dined at Mac! Mac and Cheesery, which we've known about even before we moved to this lovely city.  Who doesn't love a good mac 'n cheese, really, so it's hard not to be in the mood for something this tasty and comforting.

Located on a busy commercial block on Mississippi Avenue, Mac! boasts a whimsical sign and logo and an overall friendly facade.  On a warm day, you'll notice people dining outside and the inside being virtually empty, which was the case when we went in as well.  The outdoor is inviting, as the tables occupy a wide sidewalk area that's also shared with the sushi restaurant next door, and together with the other stores on that busy block.  This all makes for good people watching, which gives Mac! yet another draw, but even if you decide to dine inside, you'll have a pleasant experience.  

Mac and cheese is of course the star of the show here and there are over a dozen different varieties to choose from - some more inventive than others.  While there are other things on the menu as well, Dan and I knew why we came and ordered different mac renditions.

Truffle Mac - Everything about this dish was music to my ears including the shaved prosciutto on top, mushrooms, peas and of course the truffle oil.  While the latter ingredient was definitely felt, it wasn't overpowering and I admired their restraint.  The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and the prosciutto gave it a little more sophistication and Italian flavor - an all around hit.

Chili Mac - Once thinking about this dish, it became so obvious to us, making us ask the question "why haven't we thought to make this before?!"  Dan loved it and decided to supplement the regular pasta with a gluten free variety, which worked great next to the hearty meat sauce.  The whole dish felt like a really complete meal and you almost forgot that it was just a bowl full of pasta.  Loving the generous portion, it's a perfect thing to share with someone else or makes for good leftovers.

Bloody Mary - To go along with the comfort food theme, Dan also got a Miss Mary Mac! cocktail, which is Mac's! take on a classic Bloody Mary.  Everything about it was delicious and just the way it should be, Dan said, even down to the slightly warm piece of bacon that floated on top.

Service and Cost:
Quite satisfied with the service, you order up at the counter and then have your food brought to your table.  All this is well and good in certain restaurants in town only to later discover that your order has been delayed - but not here.  Everything was done to a T and we got our mac in a mere 10 minutes. Much appreciated!

Costs are affordable and you get great bank for your buck with most of the mac dishes at just $8 or $9 a pop.

3 Mmmms

Mac! Mac and Cheesery - 3936 N. Mississippi Avenue Portland OR 97227

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