Friday, July 10, 2015

Eeny Mini Cannelles Stole My Heart

Taunted by yet another decadent bakery in Downtown Portland, I headed to Nuvrei, one of my favorite dessert haunts, during my lunch hour.  There's never a shortage of something delicious to explore there - whether its their savory biscuits, bagels or sweets such as specialty croissants, macarons, cookies or the beautiful French cannelles.

I decided to try the latter on this visit, and especially since I noticed so many interesting flavors such as strawberry basil, peach cardamom, pistachio lemon and others.  Served in these darling little cups that are each labeled with a distinct flavor combination, the cannelles are real teeny and therefore sharable, with six to seven pieces per serving.  It's just enough to give you a taste of a little something delightful without totally overindulging.

Peach Cardamom Cannelles - While it was pretty tough choosing my flavor of choice, I went with the peach cardamom in the end because it seemed beautifully vibrant and the peaches are of course seasonal.  Loving the pretty golden color of these little treats, they went down as pleasantly as they looked - each piece being coated in almost a carameley texture and a really soft, spongy/eggy interior.  I couldn't detect the cardamom too much but there was no doubt that the dessert was elegant, sophisticated and expertly prepared.  I look forward to trying the other flavor combinations soon.

Service and Cost:
Because I came in during an off peak time (they tend to be a lot busier in the mornings), I was helped right away.  The gentleman I was dealing with was lovely and pleasant and generally happy to serve my every sweet wish.

Costs are pretty darn expensive but unsurprising given the level of quality and sophistication of everything behind the display case.

3 Mmmms

Nuvrei - 404 NW 10th Avenue, Portland OR 97209

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