Monday, February 15, 2010

Astoria Pizzeria is Now Pitaria

The newly opened Pitaria on 30th Avenue caught my eye the other day when getting off the subway.  I could've sworn it was something else before, but I couldn't remember what until I looked it up and recalled it was previously Astoria Pizzeria.

Pitaria's revamped digs include a modern, clean design with a minimalist interior, nice-looking seating and a flat-screen TV to keep you occupied.  The menu is eclectic, mixing traditional pizzeria fare with Greek specialties. 

Prices are wallet friendly and judging by the kind of food they offer, I'd say that Pita Pan has a competitor on their hands, as the aesthetic, the food and the prices are similar.  Check out a sampling of their menu below:

Spanakopita - Spinach & cheese pie...$4.50
Halloumi - Cypriot goat cheese...$5.95
Olive Bread...$2.95
Buffalo Wings (6)...$5.95

New York Pizza...$5.95 (small), $7.95 (medium), $9.95 (large)
Fresh Mozzarella Pizza...$7.95 (small), $9.95 (medium), $11.95 (large)
White Pizza - Ricotta & fresh mozzarella...$7.95 (small), $9.95 (medium), $11.95 (large)

Sandwiches: (served in regular or whole wheat pita, with lettuce, tomato, red onion and choice of tzatziki sauce, honey mustard, or pitaria sauce) $4.95

Doner - Slow roasted rotisserie lamb & veal
Traditional Gyro - Lamb & beef
Loukaniko - Greek country sausage
Vegetarian - Grilled mixed veggies

International Wraps & Panini: (your choice of regular, whole wheat or spinach wrap; or panini bread) $5.95

Pitaria Wrap - Sliced marinated chicken with grilled onions & mushrooms, feta cheese & guacamole
Cubano Wrap - Roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard & pickles
Little Italy Wrap - Grilled chicken, prosciutto & mozzarella cheese, served with balsamic vinaigrette

Italian Specialties:
(served with spaghetti or rice) $9.95

Chicken or Veal Parmesan

Chicken or Veal Marsala
Chicken or Veal Francaise
Baked Ziti
Vegetarian Lasagna

Pitaria - 31-15 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11102
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. No falafel?! Lame...

  2. Of course there's falafel - I just didn't list it. I said "sampling of the menu" - not the entire menu.

  3. Hi Foodista!

    Astoria Pizzeria has been around for a long time...I don't know if it's come under new management, but if not, I'd have to recommend the pizza across the street at Pinocchio Palace instead.

    I have not tried everything at Astoria Pizzeria (over the years, I've tried the pizza and a few other things, like meatballs), but generally speaking, their food is somewhat greasy and the pizza has always tasted like butter. It's edible, but far from good.

    In my opinion (unless the recipes have changed) there are too many other good options around to waste time here.


  4. Gyro was not good at all. Service was awful. Won't go back and don't recommend it.

  5. Ok guys here's the deal - the management of this place has indeed changed. They are coincidentally the Pinocchio Palace owners. Pinocchio is done, finito, no more.

  6. Yeah, there was a sign up at Pinocchio Palace saying they were moving across the street to this place. But I'm guessing they didn't bring that cool pizza oven along for the ride.

  7. Yeah, we'll see how their pizza measures up.

  8. The (very nice) guy who ran Astoria Pizzeria now runs the place a couple doors down from the(former) pinocchio which was called Alex's pizza for awhile and is now just "PIZZA" I think (are you with me?). Anyway it is good. Pitaria's pizza has NOT gotten very good reviews (by which I mean a couple friends).

  9. To get the fabulous (former) Pinocchio pizza, order the "mozzarella" pizza at Pitaria. Be sure you are not getting the (crap) "New York Pizza."

    You can order online (and include directions for your order in a comment box to ask for say fresh onions instead of grilled onions) at . Right now there is a 10% discount on each order for your first three orders with promo code NEW. I've used my first two so far.

    The formar Pinocchio personnel now in Pitaria said the lease was up on the old place and they decided to move.

    There is also a walk up special of a New York slice and a can of soda for $2.

  10. Thanks for these great tips Eric. A slice and a soda for $2 couldn't get any better.

  11. I believe Pitaria is brought to you by the same folks that ran Pinocchio Palace across the street which was shut down by the health department.

  12. Yes, that is the case Anon. It's the same owners as Pinocchio.

  13. Yes, that is the case Anon - it's the same owners as Pinocchio.

  14. Unless it can be substantiated, assume "Anon" lied when they said Pinocchio Palace was shut down by the city.

  15. Anonymous09 July, 2010

    Went here last week. It is the same owners as Pinocchio Palace and the food is just as bad. The pizza was horrible and my friends gyro was not edible. It wont be long before this place is just as dirty as Pinocchio was. There are plenty of other places in Astoria which are better.



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