Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blackberry Lemon Bar Birthday Treat

Attending our neighbor Randi's b-day party yesterday, I was looking for a festive summertime dessert to bring to the celebration.  Since summer fruit is so incredibly delicious these days, I headed to the Hollywood Farmer's Market yesterday to see what I could gather up, and needless the say the choices were endless.

Settling on some luscious-looking blackberries, I picked up a pint and decided to make these lovely blackberry lemon bars.  Adapted from my Luxurious Eats Pinterest board from a recipe that called for raspberries instead of blackberries, the recipe works either way and is really just about preference.  Even though it can seem complicated, it took less than a half an hour to prepare and about 35 minutes to bake.  A little tip for you is to make sure you cool them properly (and even in the fridge) for an hour or two before serving.  Since the blackberries discolor the yellow color of the lemon filling, it's wise to dress up the bars with a plumb blackberry on top for a little extra effect.  A sprig of fresh mint won't hurt either.

Blackberry Lemon bar recipe as adapted from Lovely Little Kitchen blog.

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  1. Hey this Blackberry Lemon Bar Birthday Treat is out of this world. It is probably the best Birthday Treat! For my little girl’s birthday I would reserve the outdoor Boston venues for party and would like to include this Blackberry Lemon Bar to her party food.



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