Friday, July 31, 2015

Satisfying Korean Kravings at Kim Jong Grillin'

I've had my eye on a new food truck in our neighborhood and as it happens, it has one of the most amusing names I've heard of in a while.  Kim Jong Grillin' offers up delicious Korean street food, including all the staples such as bibimbap, bulgogi, Korean hot dogs and more!

Situated on the corner of 42nd Avenue near Killingsworth Street, you'll find Kim Jong Grillin' in the parking lot of the popular Pollo Norte.  The latter is also very good and it's nice to see they have outdoor seating (even despite the current heatwave it's still a pleasant place to hang out).  The truck is the first occupant of what will become a more extensive food truck/pod destination in the future, and I can't wait to see the others tenants that move in.

While the menu is simple, it offers enough variety for any kind of meat lover - but I must warn my veggie friends that the meatless options are limited.  Lucky for us, we're all meat lovers in our party so we had no problems choosing something that suited our tastes.

Bibim Box - Since I haven't had bibimbap in a while, I was excited to try Kim Jong Grillin's version with kimchi, a choice of your favorite grilled meat (in my case pork) and a fried egg on top.  I loved the combination of white rice and noodles that nested this thing and soaked up all that delicious spicy BBQ sauce.  The pork was the winner of the night, as Dan and our friends Oscar and Beth also loved it and I think secretly wished they got it too.  

Bulgogi - Dan also went with a classic bulgogi, which traditionally consists of marinated beef with sesame on top.  Incorporating other fixins such as kimchi, a tasty carrot slaw and white rice, it was also a nice way to go but Dan said that the beef was a little chewy.  There's something to be said for the fact that he kept asking for my pork - just sayin'.

Service and Cost:
It took a few minutes to get our food but not too long, so no real complaints there.  While they don't serve any alcoholic drinks, the guys got a few beers at Pollo Norte, which went perfectly with this hearty food.

Costs are a little pricey for a food truck averaging out at $10 per plate, but they sure were tasty and the portions generous.

3 Mmmms

Kim Jong Grillin' - 5427 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland OR 97218

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