Sunday, June 7, 2015

Decadence Found at Cupcake Jones

Yesterday was a total day of decadence, as I got spoiled by my co-workers - first at lunch and then with an irresistible dessert.  The minute the word cupcake was uttered though, I couldn't say no and before we knew it, off we were buying a jumbo sized six-pack of specialty cupcakes from Cupcake Jones in the Pearl District.

Located in the heart of the Pearl, Downtown, Cupcake Jones is just a hop, skip and jump away from Oven and Shaker where we had lunch that day.  A quick walk from my office on NW 10th Avenue, it's conveniently set in a heavily trafficked area and especially during lunchtime.

The space itself is pretty small and taken up mostly by the actual bakery where all the magic happens.  There's no place to sit really, which is why you must take these treats to go but on a lovely day, who wouldn't want to stroll around the Pearl with a beautiful cupcake in hand and a fragrant cup of coffee in the other?

With so many options of cupcake flavors available, making a decision wasn't easy but we did it!  It's nice to see that each flavor also comes in a miniature size in addition to jumbo, but since it was Friday and there was a few of us, we went for the gold so to speak.

PB & J - Attracted to anything with peanut butter these days, I couldn't resist a classic PB & J cupcake.  Everything about this treat was fantastic - from the fluffy frosting to the moist cake and the peanut butter mousse inside.  As far as the jelly, it tasted like homemade strawberry that was made with lots of love and care.

The Pearl - Paying  homage to its posh surroundings, The Pearl cupcake was studded with elegance and sophistication.  Consisting of a white velvet cake with silky vanilla bean pastry cream inside, it felt very simple and clean but was perfectly executed.  A pretty little chocolate pearl rested on top, adding a pop of color and classic dark chocolate flavor.

Service and Cost
The staff at the shop kept customers happy by keeping things moving.  They had great suggestions for gluten free and vegan alternatives that we also took advantage of.

Costs are expensive but we spotted a Friday Happy Hour special of 6 cupcakes for $18, which is far from cheap but still offers a little break.  Each jumbo cupcake will usually set you back anywhere from $3.75 - $4.25.

3 Mmmms

Cupcake Jones - 307 NW 10th Avenue, Portland OR 97209

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