Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pinocchio is Back

A couple of weeks back, I noted the close for renovation of 30th Avenue gyro and pizza king, Pinocchio Palace. Well it's back in action and as busy as ever, judging from what I saw this past Sunday. I peeked inside to see the new digs and liked what I saw--an airy, clean space with a modern flat screen TV, which was tuned to a soccer match. The interior redesign seems contemporary but not so much so that you wouldn't recognize this place. The exterior is still the same, with the exception of a new maroon awning--I don't think it matches with the blue Pinocchio sign but oh well.

I asked about the menu and it hasn't changed much since the renovation. There are a couple of low-sellers that were dropped such as the Doners and the sandwiches but the pizza and gyros continue to be their show stoppers. When asked about the pizza specifically, a Pinocchio waitress replied "Of course we'd never change that!"

Go on and check out the new space and let me know how it suits ya.

Pinocchio Palace - 32-02 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. So glad to see it is back!!!! Foodista we are totally hitting it up for pizza when I come visit the old 'hood this summer!!!

  2. hey, how do their gyros compare with others in the area?

  3. I think their gyros are very good and stand a close 2nd with my favorite gyro from Opa! Opa! Have you been there? Those are phenomenal--and so cheap.

  4. Oh, very cool. Opa's only a few blocks from my place, so I'll try to make it over there this weekend.

    Have you ever tried the gyros in Paris' Latin Quarter? The North African dudes (presumably, Moroccan and Algerian) seem to have it down to an art over there.

    Anyway, thanks for the info Foodista. You're a true food evangelist.

  5. Why thank you Chris!

    And I haven't tried the Gyros in Paris' Latin Quarter but it's good to know about them next time I'm there. Thanks.



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