Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome Changes at Tasty & Sons

Just last week, Dan and I paid another visit to Tasty & Sons, as it remains one of our favorites in Portland.  Recently hearing about their change in interior design and menu, we were curious to check it out.  Word had it that its new style has more of a Mediterranean focus, which I thought was felt more in the atmosphere vs. in the food.

New Atmosphere:
While the actual interior space remains the same, with a sizeable bar area in front and a larger dining room in the back, the decor has been simplified and made to look modern and sleek.  Instead of the deep, rich wood that adorned the dining space before, what you now notice is a lot of clean, sleek decor including white furniture and flowy curtains.  Because I'm used to this place having a more comforting, friendly vibe, I must admit that the new decor feels a bit unusual and in my opinion unnecessary.

I like the fact that even though their menu has changed, the communal style of eating and sharing is still very much prevalent.  Dan and I took advantage of that, as we split between us a main course and two sides.

New England Clam Chowder
- Excited by the prospect of clam chowder, Dan and I shared this one and weren't disappointed.  The oysters had a smoky quality to them and at the same time were very fresh.  A big glob of butter rested on top of the soup, which would've made it even yummier, but Dan and I resisted the urge and took it off.

Alabama BBQ Chicken - This entree boasted a beautifully golden crust, a juicy middle and a nice, creamy horseradish sauce that gave it an element of surprise.  The texture of the chicken was fantastic and the flavor was as juicy as can be.  Even though the chicken was served on the bone, it was easy to cut through, allowing us to enjoy it til it was fully gone. A side of pickles added a welcome sweet/sour flavor too, making the dish more complex.

Corn Cake - It's hard to resist a warm, gooey corn cake in a sizzling hot cast iron skillet.  Everything about this dish was fantastic, including soft (almost custardy) texture in the middle and the crispy crust on top.  It was a perfect accompaniment to the chicken and something I'd imagine eating in the South.

Service and Cost:
Even though we mentioned that we were in a hurry, the service was still painfully slow.  On a night when we could just sit back and enjoy a leisurely meal, we wouldn't mind but the fact that we had to be out by a certain time made the experience distracting.

Costs are reasonable, if you decide to share your food with friends.  The above meal set us back just $32 including tip.

3 Mmmms

Tasty n Sons - 3808 N. Williams Street, Portland OR 97227


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