Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dan's 2 Cents - Pita Pan

Unfortunately, your beloved Foodista is out of comission for a couple of days.  She is currenty fighting off a nasty stomach virus that we've labeled "Toddler-zuma's Revenge" as I caught it myself late last week at my neice's 1st birthday party.  And obviously, as husband and wife we share everything so...you get the idea.

So in an effort to pitch in and keep the blog rolling I am going to try and add a little content for you all to enjoy.  And while The Foodista's forte is that of neighborhood sit-down restaurants and brunches and delicious homemade food of which I am often the beneficiary, my experience is more involved with take-out food and the like.  And everyone always says "write about what you know."  Which brings me to Pita Pan.

Anyone who hangs out with me regularly would probably know that Pita Pan is my favorite take-out/delivery place in our beloved Astoria.  Located on 30th Avenue, just west of 38th Street, it's really easy to find, and they deliver all over Astoria.  The food is good, and unlike a lot of delivery joints around, there are relatively healthy options to choose from.  But don't worry...it's not all healthy.  They have fries, burgers and pizza too.

Another plus about Pita Pan is the price.  It's pretty reasonable.  I'd say $7.00 would get you pretty full and $10.00 would get you stuffed.  My typical order from there is 3 chicken souvlaki sticks and a falafel sandwich.  They have pork souvlaki as well if you're into the "other" white meat, and the sticks come 3 for $3.00.  The individual gyro or falafel sandwiches are right around $3.00 also. They aren't huge, but they are pretty nicely stuffed with meat, veggies and sauce, and they roll some french fries right in with everything, which adds a delicious salty crunch to the overall experience.  And if you're really hungry, you can just double up on the sandwich.  I'm actually getting hungry right now as I'm writing.

About the only drawback to the place is when calling to place an order for delivery, they almost always put you on hold as soon as they answer.  And then they almost always forget about you so you end up having to call back.  Sometimes on a busy night this can happen a couple of times in a row.  But as patience is a virtue, it usually pays off with a good meal that is relatively healthy and delivered pretty promptly.  And all for a reasonable price.  I'll leave the official "Mmmm's" assigning to the Foodista herself, but I'm usually quite satisfied with the end result.

Pita Pan- 37-15 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. Hope the whole family is back over the weather, as opposed to under. My tot, whose daycare classroom is getting decimated by stomach flu, is seemingly fine, but since she just sneezed into my nose as I was moving in for a kiss, I think only time will tell. Good for you for becoming Foodisto for a spel.

  2. Now if only they would deliver to Manhattan...

  3. oh no!!!! feel better guys!! great job holdin' down the fort, Danimal ;)

  4. The food is good, but definitely overpriced for what you get. I'm always hungry after getting the two sandwich gyro. The Chicken Shack has much better value.

  5. Thanks guys. I feel a bit better but not yet 100%. Glad Dan was able to pick up my slack.

    Peter - Pita Pan is located in the city too - you should check it out.

  6. I bought a salad here a few weeks ago that had a frozen tomato in it. My girlfriend was equally underwhelmed by her chicken kebab sandwich. That was only the second and last time I'll ever eat at Pita Pan. It's very underwhelming and overpriced, in my experience.

  7. That's unfortunate anon - sorry to hear that. I've never had that experience before.

  8. I looooooove me some Pita Pan.

  9. This placed opened when I still lived in Astoria around 2006. I am glad that it is still going strong. My husband and I were big fans!

  10. Oh yeah, it's alive and well :) They relocated one store down - they are no longer on the corner of the block.

  11. I love this place... Always delivers a smile on my face! It seems that their success has caused all others to envy them and alot of other businesses try to replicate their look, menu and feel, case in point Duzan, Pitaria, and even Crave!
    I'm gonna keep going back! Yummy!

  12. I agree Enquirer - Pita Pan has a good thing going, and the price point is fantastic.



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