Friday, May 29, 2015

Stormbreaker Brewing Good Eats

When it comes to Portland living, there's never a shortage of great breweries to explore.  Peppered throughout the city and across the entire state of Oregon for that matter, you can find countless microbreweries around and the truth is that they're all really good.  So when NY friends, Barry and Suzanne came to town, we thought we'd show them a good time by taking them to Stormbreaker Brewing on Mississippi Ave.

The best thing about Stormbreaker is not only its location, which is on Beech Street, right in the heart of the Mississippi shopping and restaurant district, but also its extensive outdoor space.  That's in fact why we chose it as our dinner destination, given the mild weather outside and the long-lasting sunshine.  

Boasting a number of communal picnic tables as well as an outdoor fire pit section, Stormbreaker is perfect for a gathering of small and larger groups.  It reminds me a bit of the beer garden action I used to enjoy in Astoria and just like in the former, the vibe is casual and laid back--making you feel comfortable to just hang around and stay a while.


Ironically, given the plethora of beer, most of our party ordered mixed drinks and lots of food.  I'm going to talk about the latter here, as it was memorable, fresh and definitely a highlight of our experience.

Pickle Jar
- A colorful, vibrant mason jar filled with all sorts of pickled veggies was the perfect way to start our meal.  I loved getting through all its layers and discovering more goodies such as the tender pickled beets at the bottom, the crunchy pickled radishes and the curried cauliflower.

Jucy Lucy Burger - Served on a soft sesame bun, this burger was pretty much flawless.  Loving the generous amounts of fontina cheese that oozed out the middle and the sweet onion jam on top, this burger contained the right amounts of savory and sweet elements.  Even though the menu description says it's a double patty burger, it's essentially just one thick patty that's made of super tender meat, regardless of the way you get it cooked.

Charred Cauliflower - Dan ordered this as a side and it very much appealed to Suzanne and me.  The preparation was simple but executed nicely with pretty char marks on the outside and a bit of crunch from the hazelnut romesco, sweetness from the raisins and some bite from the capers.

Service and Cost:

Even though we chose to sit outside which can sometimes produce slower service, this was far from the case at Stormbreaker.  Helped right away and receiving attentive service with a smile throughout our time here, I'd highly recommend it to locals or visitors in search of an authentic Portland experience.

Costs are affordable at $7-$14 for appetizers, $8-$12 for main dishes and $5 for sides.

3 Mmmms

Stormbreaker Brewing - 832 N. Beech Street Portland OR 97227

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