Sunday, May 31, 2015

Second Time's a Charm at Woodsman Tavern

Looking for another excuse to dine at Woodsman Tavern, Dan and I brunched there last weekend and again weren't disappointed.  This was actually Dan's first time trying Woodsman and I was excited to see what he'd think.  I had an inkling that he'd love it and I'm glad to report back that I was right!

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich - Sure this sounds like an ordinary dish, but leave it to Woodsman Tavern to trick things up with a buttery biscuit, spicy jalapeno jam and their signature crispy homestyle potatoes.  Besides the portion being huge, the sandwich was absolutely delicious and went down easy.  The buttery biscuit was the perfect vehicle for the delicious sandwich components and everything was executed to a T.  I especially loved the oozy cheddar cheese, which married beautifully with the fluffy eggs.  Also, I must note that the potatoes came with a spicy mayo sauce that helped make this dish truly stand out.

Other items - Dan ordered the Eggs Benedict, which were once again a hit.  While they were prepared beautifully, Dan's very discerning when it comes to creamy sauces and wasn't in love with the Hollandaise sauce, but that's really on him.  It truly was excellent.

There was also the spicy Bloody Mary drink Dan got (as pictured above), which received rave reviews - and even more so after he got a golden brown meat stick to swirl around all that yummy tomato juice.

Service and Cost:
Just like last time, the service was totally legit.  Not only did our waitress bring everything over in good time, she made sure that our glasses of water and coffee were refilled promptly and that we were happy with everything we got.  Since the portions are quite large and we ended up taking some potatoes home, they even offered us extra spicy mayo sauce. Yum!

Costs are definitely high for Portland but so justified for the amazingness you get.  Our meal set us back about $50 in total with tip.

3 Mmmms

Woodsman Tavern - 4527 Division Street, Portland OR 97206

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