Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blue Star Donuts – Devilish Dulce de Leche Delight

On a constant quest for great donuts around town, this week’s lunch excursion sent my colleague Annie and me to Blue Star Donuts. Located just two short blocks from our office, we ventured out on a rainy day in quest of something sweet, sticky and delicious. While I’ve tried many of their donuts already, I noticed a glistening dulce de leche hazelnut beauty calling my name. 

Dulce de Leche Donut – Automatically drawn to this confection because of its carameley topping sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts, I was curious to see how it’d compare to the other yeast based donuts I’ve had here previously. Truth be told, this qualifies as a cake donut, which is delicious in its own right. From the very first to last bite, this baby didn’t disappoint. The topping was wonderfully sweet and a little salty as well, boasting a toothsome texture from the crushed hazelnuts. The cake-like consistency was perfect and crumbled into bite-sized pieces, making this handsome treat that much easier (and faster) to consume. 

Service and Cost: 
Even on a rainy day, Blue Star was pretty busy, which is testament to their excellent product.  The staff was helpful and quick, as per usual and we even enjoyed watching them make the donuts in their open kitchen as an added bonus.

Costs continue to astound, especially for a simple treat such as a donut.  My aforementioned dulce de leech donut set me back $2.75, which was one of the cheaper options.  Annie paid a whopping $7 for just two donuts, including an apple fritter.

3 Mmmms

Blue Star Donuts - 3753 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland OR 97227

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