Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pizza Bread of the Gods and More at Roman Candle Baking Co.

I love any excuse to stop in to Roman Candle Baking Co. – whether it’s for a quick cookie or their delectable bread, I usually pay them a visit on the regular.  Wanting to mention a few new items I haven’t yet talked about, any Portland foodie worth their salt should know about them.

Pizza Bianca Bread – Quickly becoming a staple in our household, Roman Candle’s pizza bianca remains a primary reason for my visits.  Resembling a fluffy focaccia bread, speckled with big crystals of fleur de sel and beautiful green bits of rosemary, you don’t need much else to enjoy it to its fullest.  Despite its intrinsic quality and greatness, I like to spruce it up with things I have on hand such this topping of avocado and tomatoes you see above.  Sometimes I dress it up with hummus and fresh mozzarella, but it’s really nearly impossible to go wrong.  I recommend putting it in the toaster for an added element of crunch.

Blueberry Corn Cookie – Something new I tried just yesterday, the blueberry cornmeal cookie also delivered.  Boasting a thick, chewy middle, it almost tastes like a delicious blueberry muffin except in cookie form.  Sharing it with Dan still went a long way and tasted even better once popped into the microwave for about 15 seconds.  Washing it down with a glass of milk comes highly recommended.

Service and Cost:
Although the quality eats at Roman Candle don’t come without a price, I must reveal that the pizza bianca actually offers great value.  For a very large ¼ slice, which I’d estimate to be about 9 inches long and 5 inches wide, you can walk away with paying just $3.50.  I secretly think that the generous staff here gives you more than what you’re paying for but shhh…don’t tell anyone.  So yes, the service is stellar!

The cookies on the other hand are pricier at $1.75 - $2.25 each but again totally worth it.  I hope you get to visit soon and take advantage of all its delicious riches.

3 Mmmms

Roman Candle Baking Co - 3377 SE Division Street, Portland OR 97202

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