Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting off the New Year with Homemade Fried Chicken and Waffles

After an awesome New Year's eve celebration (with lots of tasty food might I add), Dan and I made plans to start the year off with even more deliciousness.  Planning to make homemade fried chicken and waffles, we prepped the ingredients a day ahead of time, brining the chicken to ensure great flavor.

The recipe for this dish came by way of a generous gift we received from our friend Matt in the form of an Ad Hoc Fried Chicken Kit. The kit includes 2 portions of chicken brine as well as packets of coating mix, which is enough to make two whole fried chickens.

A neat little trick I learned by making this was to buy a whole organic chicken and then get it butchered at your local supermarket.  Not only were the folks at our local Fred Meyer happy to help, it didn't cost anything extra and allowed us to buy a high quality organic bird.

Here's the Ad Hoc Fried Chicken recipe, courtesy of 7x7
For the waffles, feel free to use this trusty recipe, courtesy of Chow

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