Sunday, February 2, 2014

Waffle BLT Brunch - Touchdown!

Just because today was an official day of gluttony and excess, Dan and I decided to start early with a luxurious brunch.  Inviting my father-in-law David to join us, we put our new Belgian waffle maker to good use by experimenting with a savory waffle recipe, which ended up morphing into a fancy BLT sandwich.

From start to finish, this was a pretty quick and easy dish, but definitely something that requires good time management and pre-planning.  I'd advise you to prep all the ingredients for this open faced sandwich ahead of time, such as slicing the tomatoes, having the greens ready, and broiling the bacon.  The waffles can be done as a second to last step and the very last thing is the fried egg on top, which you can break oh so delicately right before eating and relishing in that silky, runny yolk.  Overall, this was a big hit in my household and something I'll definitely be repeating.  You can try it with other variations such as with prosciutto, chicken or maybe even some guacamole? The choice is yours!

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