Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Piroshky Piroshky - A Taste of Russia in the Pacific Northwest

Taking a little road trip with our cousins Vicky and Eric last week, Dan and I ventured to Seattle for a few days.  Everyone was new to the city except for me, which was fun to see again, uncovering some new gems and visiting some old standbys.  One of these was the legendary Pike Place Market of course, which is situated right by Bell Harbor.  Boasting lots of interesting foods, we popped into the legendary Piroshky Piroshky storefront for some freshly baked yeasty treats.

Located on the outskirts of Pike Place Market, right across the street from the actual marketplace, Piroshky Piroshky occupies a small space in a strip of other specialty foods and drink establishments across the street.  Given its popularity, there's always a line no matter how early you come by, but luckily it moves fast and there's many things to occupy your time while you wait.  One of these activities is perusing their extensive menu of piroshkys (or handheld pies filled with sweet or savory ingredients), another is watching the piroshky being made on the premises.  You get to see what's fresh and just may change your mind a handful of times before it's your turn to order something.


Boasting over two dozen varieties of sweet and savory piroshky, it's hard to decide which one to go with, but your nose and eyes usually don't steer you wrong.  It's best to go with whatever is fresh out of of the oven or is generally recommended by the staff, which is why I chose the Smoked Salmon Pate piroshka.

Looking lovely with its elongated shape and an exaggerated tail that was crisped to perfection, the Smoked Salmon pate combines high quality ingredients such as Seattle's finest smoked salmon, fresh dill, onion and cream cheese.  Think of it as a lox bagel turned on its ear, with all the flaky, buttery dough surrounding it completely instead of just on the bottom.  My trip companions tried this generously sized pastry and agreed it was the winner of the bunch.  Not only does it come highly recommended, I also think it offers the best value for your buck and is conducive to sharing with one or two people.

Service and Cost:
As I already noted, the service is fast, despite the long line that snakes around the corner of the storefront.  The staff doesn't beat around the bush and tells you quickly if they've run out of something and generally services your order within a few short minutes.

Costs are moderate and range anywhere between $3.50 - $5.80 a pop.

3 Mmmms

Piroshky Piroshky - 1908 Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101

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