Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pi Greek Bakerie – Artopolis Influences Soho

Recently discovering Pi, a new artisanal bakery near my daytime gig, it looked oddly familiar – reminding me of the amazing Greek sweet shops we have in Astoria. Upon closer inspection and after talking with their employees, I found out my suspicions proved true – in fact Pi being directly related to our beloved
Artopolis Bakery. What are the chances?!

Set on the busy Grand Street, right near Thompson and Sullivan Streets in Soho, Pi is positioned perfectly for ample foot traffic. That’s in fact how I stumbled upon it, during my lunch break when I often seek out new adventures.

If you thought that Artopolis boasts a lovely interior design, you haven’t seen anything, as Pi is all that amped up to the next level. The overall vibe is clean and modern yet with hints of rusticity and a connection to the Mediterranean. I love the slightly weathered copper tabletops, the tall credenza with olive oils, spices, and cookies inside its drawers and lots and lots of food porn behind the glass display. It’s all very bright, inviting and evokes feelings of being somewhere marvelous.

Coffee and Sweets:
It’s hard to choose between the plethora of traditional Greek cookies, pastries and savory things at Pi. They even serve things such as traditional Greek specialties like homemade pasticcio.

Almond Cookies – A variety of almond cookies occupy the display case, so we were of course obliged to try a few – some adorned with fruit jelly and others not. I loved the former, as the jelly added a vibrant element, while the actual cookie was buttery, crumbly and at the same time not too sweet.

Galaktoboureko – One of my all time favorite Greek desserts, galaktoboureko, a traditional Greek pastry filled with semolina custard was one to remember. Laced with the perfect amount of cinnamon, each bite was heaven, as the flaky exterior hugged the cheesy custard that was like silk in your mouth.

Coffee – Very satisfied with the coffee, Pi proudly serves brew from Brooklyn Roasting Company that’s gentle on your palate and your stomach. Like most gourmet coffee shops or bakeries in NYC, they’ll accommodate virtually any milk preference.

Service and Cost:
Although I’ve never had a problem with the service at Artopolis, I thought the folks at Pi were friendlier. Happy to strike up a conversation and even offer us a few cookies on the house, we felt welcome and comfortable to hang around as long as we wanted. My friend Kim and I enjoyed it so much that we quickly spread the word to many of our co-workers.

Prices are comparable to other establishments in the neighborhood, but quite competitive as far as coffee goes. A small cup of coffee will set you back just over $2 and most pastries are under $4, which isn’t too shabby for such high quality. I can’t wait to go back and try more things, such as their custom yogurt bar – yum!

3 Mmmms

Pi Greek Bakerie – 512 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013
E/C Train to Spring Street

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