Monday, August 4, 2014

Healthy Wholesome Vacation Dinner

While in Florida this past weekend, hanging with the fam, Dan and I cooked a tasty meal for our in-laws and nieces.  Our goal was to go healthy as well as kid friendly with a mixture of veggies, cheesy goodness and protein.  Sadly, although I can't say these items were a hit with the children, the grown ups seemed to love them!

Stuffed Peppers with Chicken Sausage - Improvising this meal on my own, there's not too many ingredients involved and all you virtually need are some nice looking veggies and a protein of your choice.  Making sure to get some beautifully colorful peppers, Dan prepped them nicely by cutting the tops off and cleaning them on the inside.

We then sauteed some mushroom/spinach/asiago cheese chicken sausage with diced red onion and stuffed it into the pepper.  A simple topping of parmesan or sharp cheddar cheese and some breadrumbs will do just fine for the finishing touches.  Bake this baby on 375 - 400 for about a half an hour and you'll have yourself a deliciously healthy dish.

Mac and Cheese with Broccoli - Even though this was music to my ears, the kids weren't about it, mainly due to the broccoli factor (I should've known).  A topping of panko breadcrumbs made it extra crunchy, and I'd also recommend drizzling olive oil on top to achieve that pretty golden crust.  Here, you can access the easy recipe for this dish, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Chickpea Salad - The kids actually seemed to dig this one (when they stripped out the tomatoes and basil).  Overall, it's a very simple and refreshing dish that's perfect for the summer. I love the use of seasonal ingredients and the no frills vinegar dressing that adds a little zing. Take a look at the recipe, courtesy of greenlitebites.


  1. I find kids so hard to cook for! I've yet to impress my nieces and nephew with my culinary prowess. I too made some bangin' homemade mac and cheese and they asked their parents to make them a boxed mix! Impressed they dug the chickpeas. That's advanced!!

  2. I'm so glad you feel my pain Jenn - they too one day will love our food. Tough crowd ;)



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