Friday, August 1, 2014

Bacon and Beer Classic - For My Savory Tooth

This past weekend, Dan and I covered the
Bacon & Beer Classic event at Citi Field.  By "covered," I mean that we were "on duty" to taste all the craft beer and bacon that our bellies can handle and report back to you on the result.  Acting as my official photographer for the night, Dan took one for the team so to speak and worked Citi Field with both the camera and his beer and bacon appetite. My appetite didn't disappoint either.

About the Bacon & Beer Classic:
Hosted in a few locations around the country including Houston, Seattle and now New York, the Bacon and Beer Classic is meant to channel our American spirit by exemplifying the best of these all-time American treats.  Taking place in iconic ballparks around the country, including our very own City Field, the event offers up a casual, playful vibe and grants some visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal to the stadium's awesome facilities.

Fortunate enough to get the VIP experience, Dan and I went down to the field, walked around and checked around the bullpen.  Other visitors got their shot at practicing at the batting cages and pretending to catch some foul balls as well.  

Food & Drinks Highlights

Bacon wrapped bacon The Certe booth served up this delicious sin on a stick that Dan and I devoured. Made up of tender pieces of pork belly, wrapped in thin sliced bacon, it was the ultimate treat, served up ever so elegantly with pretty micro greens on the side.

Sweet Dreams
bacon donuts
– Excited by the look of this donut operation, it was great to see these babies being made right on the spot. Small enough to not feel guilty about them, they were light as air, further jazzed up with some bacon glaze. 

Make My Cake Chocolate chip bacon cookies – This is one of my all time favorite combinations, as I’ve also made them first-hand. Enjoying this version, it was both chewy and a little crunchy on the outside. The amount of bacon inside was perfect, as it wasn’t overpowering and adequately satisfied our savory tooth. 

Brooklyn Brewery Limited Edition Brews – Part of the VIP tasting, which was located right on the field, Dan and I were impressed by the limited edition brew varieties such as the Silver Anniversary Lager and the GreenMarket Wheat. Rich in flavor and a tad smoky, a little sip went a long way when imbibing these unique beers.

Overall, the evening was a lot of fun and I liked how the festival utilized the ballpark for this cheery summer event. It was great to see lots of people out and about, enjoying the atmosphere, the cool weather and of course copious amounts of bacon and beer.

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