Sunday, June 15, 2014

Quick Homemade Tostones for Snacking

In the mood to cook something quick and healthful, I got inspired by a ripe bunch of plantains I spotted at the supermarket.  I love ordering a basket of tostones when dining at Latin eateries, but I’ve never had the chance to make them myself.

A quick search through some recipes produced a quick, no frills method for making them that I was inspired to try.  See tostones recipe here.

Peeling these babies was cinch since they were already ripe, and once I fried them the first time, they produced a deliciously crispy snack, which reminded me of sweet potato fries. I was determined to make them the right way though, and followed through with the rest of the method, as I mashed these into flat discs and fried them once again. While I think I brunt them a little, they were still delicious and almost as crispy as French fries. A side of avocado dipping sauce, which I made by combining a few tablespoons of mayo and mashed avocado made each bite a delight.

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