Monday, June 30, 2014

Pizza & Co – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Antibes

In case you may be wondering, I’ve been traveling in Europe for the past two weeks – partially for work and in part for pleasure. The first portion of the trip was spent in Cannes, France for the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and in the second part of the trip, Dan and I gallivanted around the South of France and Italy. Our first stop was
Antibes – a small beachy town on the border of Nice and Monaco.

Antibes brings with it lots of diversity in culture and cuisine, so needless to say I took full advantage. From traditional French fare to seafood, Italian, Moroccan and beyond, there’s lots to explore – especially when you’re situated close to their fabulous daily farmer’s market, which we were. However, since I got there in the eve, I didn’t get to hit the market right away and explored a quintessential Roman style pizza place called Pizza & Co, highly recommended by locals. 

Situated in old Antibes, on a little street off the beaten path, Pizza & Co draws in big crowds of both locals and visitors. The long lines are something familiar to me as a New Yorker, so I was prepared to wait for greatness.

Occupying myself by observing my vivid surroundings, taking photos of the atmosphere and just generally people watching, it was all a part of the experience. Essentially, Pizza & Co consists of a counter and a few spots to sit inside, which no one really uses. The fun part is to really take your pizza with you and eat it out in the open air in Old Antibes – soaking up the fun vibe of this old, historic village. This is what I chose to do as well and loved it!

While this place is totally no frills, the menu offers an extensive array of pizza options. Everything from a classic Margherita or a Marinara slice to a fancy Salmone (mozzarella, mascarpone, smoked salmon) or a Capriccio (tomato, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, mozzarella) it's fun that to mix up your choices to form a colorful pie.

First having my eye on the Patate slice (potato, mozzarella, lardons), I quickly changed my mind after seeing a fresh batch of the Pachino (sun-dried tomato, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms) emerge from the oven.

Pachino Pizza – Like I just said, since this slice came fresh out of the oven, it was mighty enticing. Loving the simplicity of it all, but also the high quality ingredients, I took my pizza to go and devoured it on the steps of a busy square. The mozzarella was melty and not too salty, which was nice but the best part were the smoky sun-dried tomatoes, which were homemade. I adored the crunchy crust, which was still on the thin side, as was the rest of the pizza – an overall home run that made me curious about the other slices too.

Service and Cost:
Just like the establishment itself, the service is pretty straightforward, with two people running the show – a woman at the front of the house and her partner (I assume) at the back. The former is a total bad ass, slicing pizza with quick dexterity and immediately serving it up to hungry Antibeans.

Compared to other establishments in this touristy town, Pizza & Co actually provides great value at about 2.60 Euro – 3.90 Euro for a slice. However, stacking this up with U.S. prices is an unfair game, as everything is exponentially more expensive in Europe.

3 Mmmms

Pizza & Co – 1 Rue des Casemates Antibes, France 06600
04 93 34 64 86

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