Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mastering Magic with Dominique Ansel's Magic Souffle

So as you could've probably guessed, my full-on obsession with Dominque Ansel's innovative desserts continues.  I've conquered the Cronut, the frozen s'mores, then the chocolate chip cookie milk shot and now the Magic Souffle.  Never tiring of DA's innovative confections, I thought it time to move my way down his menu.

About the Magic Souffle:

The crem de la crem of souffles, I can understand why the word "magic" is so appropriate here.  Looking like it came from Willy Wonka's workshop, the Magic Souffle offers intrigue from the minute you lay eyes on its packaging to your very first bite.  I like that you can eat it on the spot or take it home with you to enjoy later. Chef Dominique's pedantic nature truly comes out here, as he's once again thought of everything - affixing careful heating instructions on its fun, whimsy packaging.

Deciding to bring the souffle home and enjoy it with Dan, the instructions came in handy and it took about 6 minutes on 300 degrees to transform into its proper state.  Once warm, we voraciously dug in and marveled at the beautifully spongy chocolate interior.  Made up of a dark chocolate Grand Marnier filling, the Magic Souffle is a very posh version of this classic French staple.  Hints of orange essence don't go unnoticed, as they can also be felt in the crunchy and slightly crumbly orange blossom brioche shell.  In just about 2 minutes, this magic trick was over, leaving us feeling triumphant and satiated.

Service and Cost:
It's great to know that this highly underrated dessert has no waiting time, and you can get it virtually anytime the bakery is open.  It's not prominently displayed such as the Cronut or the chocolate chip cookie shots, so you kind of have to know about it to get it.

At $7 a pop, this is no cheap trick, but just like everything else in the bakery, it's top notch.

3 Mmmms

Dominique Ansel Bakery - 189 Spring Street, New York NY 10012
E/C Train to Spring Street

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