Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dominique Ansel's Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot is Mine!

Returning from SXSW this week had me feeling a little let down in terms of my food check list.  Sure I got to try big fat, bacon-licious donuts, amazing Tex-Mex, and bodacious chicken and waffles, but there was still something missing.  That something was Dominque Ansel's Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots, which he debuted at this year's festival.  I was so busy with work at the time that I didn't have a chance to get mine, but didn't despair, as I found out he'd premiere them this week as well in his Soho bakery.

How I Scored the Shots:

To no one's surprise, there were massive lines down the block at Dominique's Soho location
when I arrived there on Friday at around 3:30 p.m.  I don't know who I was kidding by arriving so late, but was hoping that luck would strike and as a matter of fact, it totally did.  Spotting my friend, Josh (aka The Foodie Magician), we chatted for a bit, and I had high aspirations of him helping me "advance the line."  No such luck unfortunately, as he was mostly entertaining voracious New Yorkers, as they stood on line for their shots.  I lingered around to formulate a game plan, and found the line to be moving.  Quickly and slyly, I advanced to the front and whizzed inside the bakery without anyone noticing - the dessert gods were looking out for yours truly and I couldn't be more thankful!

Once inside the bakery, the atmosphere was electrifying, with lots of people taking pictures and video of the hardworking dessert crew at DA.  Dominique himself made an appearance, looking as gracious and welcoming as ever, with a smile on his face, an air of dignity and elegance, and his fingers laced with chocolate for that ultimate proof of authenticity.  This guy's legit, as he not only looks the part but actively practices his craft.  Much respect, Dominique.  Much respect.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots:
With such high demand for these unique confections, everyone inside the DA Bakery had just one thing on their mind, which is why there was a 2 piece per person maximum.  I made sure to take full advantage of my options and got two of these little babies to go - one for me and another for Dan, who I knew would totally swoon over them.  I have to say that they traveled quite well, as I delivered Dan's piece a few hours after my initial purchase, resulting in rave reviews:

"It was incredibly enjoyable.  The chocolate lining was the perfect bridge between the milky inside and the cookie outside."

I couldn't agree more, as I of course didn't have the will power and patience to hold off and devoured my chocolate chip cookie milk shot right at the bakery (watch this video to see how it went down).  Loving the slightly warm cookie exterior, I poured in the luxurious full fat Swede Farms milk, infused with Tahitian vanilla inside, until it almost lipped over.  Letting it sit in there for a few seconds and absorb the chocolate chip greatness, I took a sip and relished in its cold, sweet, silky taste.  

After being fully intoxicated by the milk, I destroyed the cookie shot (ever so gingerly) and ate around its exterior.  Incredibly rich and chocolatey on the inside, the outside texture was slightly crunchy and wonderfully nostalgic - somehow reminding me of my childhood slumber parties with my girlfriends. 

Service and Cost:
Once I got inside the bakery, the service was lovely and orders were expedited quickly, as in about just 15 minutes.  The sweet geniuses at DA Bakery had the entire process down to a science, taking people's orders well ahead of them advancing the line, packaging them up expertly and expediting payment in a quick and pleasant way.

Pleasantly surprised by the price of these beauties, they set me back just $3 each, which is a total bargain for something so unique.
 Cronut fans will be happy to know that there's no crazy price gouging going on for these just yet.

DA's Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots will be available at the bakery each day after 3 p.m.  Go on and get crunk on these babies. I did!

3 Mmmms

Dominique Ansel Bakery - 189 Spring Street, New York NY 10012
E/C Train to Spring Street

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