Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Entering the Cro-zone...special Interview with Megan, a Cronut Scalper

It was a very special day in the office today, as it's where my life as a food blogger and a marketing professional truly intersected.  If you've been reading about my various Cronut adventures, you'll know how very badly I wanted to get my hands on one of these croissant-donut hybrids, but the journey hasn't been easy.

I've waited in line (multiple times), begged, pleaded, tried to pull all my connections, and I even tried to make my own Cronuts, which actually came out well - but there was still this burning desire to try the original.  

About to give up on the sweet dream, my desire for Cronuts was invigorated by our summer intern extraordinaire, Taylor who was also on a mission to get one.  Like me, he tried all methods of attaining a Cronut as well, but after a lot of unsuccessful attempts, he decided to go to the mattresses.  And by that, I mean Craigslist.

Using his expert scouring skills, Taylor found a Cronut scalper on Craigslist who promised to deliver two fresh Cronuts to our Soho offices at 9 a.m.  Don't get me wrong, they came at a premium, which I'm embarrassed to admit to in writing, but they sure delivered.

Interview with a Cronut Scalper:
Megan, our talented and cheerful Cronut scalper turned up at our desired locale on the dot, with Cronuts in hand.  She looked all bright eyed and bushy tailed from her recent run (check out her colorful work-out gear), and was only too happy to chat with us about her experience.  Take a look at this short interview in which Megan reveals the secrets of the NYC food phenomenon that shows no signs of waning.

After we received our prized Cronuts and took them up to the office to devour, our adrenaline was still pumping.  It was a minor victory in our still-long day, but it transported our minds and our bellies to a magical place.  And now, let's talk about taste!

Blackberry Lime Cronuts - The actual Cronut is about the same size as a traditional donut, but it's significantly thicker, as it contains layers not unlike a flaky croissant.  We admired its pale pink frosting, which was blackberry flavored with little green flecks of lime zest, that glistened like jewels.

Once we bit into one, we knew the whole rigmarole with the scalping was worth it.  Crunchy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, this Cronut-thingamajig had substance.  It was like biting into a fluffy, fried cloud of goodness that was studded with chunky blackberry jam that oozed out of a few airy pockets at the top.  I think the jam was my favorite part, as it added something very earthy and organic to the otherwise indulgent treat.

Needless to say, I appreciated each bite of this forbidden treasure and savored each one to the max.  Andrea and Taylor enjoyed themselves too, as you can see - facing the day's challenges with a smile and a satisfied tummy.

If you'd like to reach out to Megan as well to make your Cronut dream a reality, you can email her directly.  Long live the Cronut!


  1. Oh my gosh I love this! So cute, and so fun that you guys just went for it and tried it out!

  2. Anonymous10 July, 2013

    HA! That's great! I wish I could get my hands on these, but I'm not waking up that early in the morning. lol

  3. i wanna know how much! lol



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