Monday, August 12, 2013

Dominique Ansel's Frozen S'mores Seal the Deal

Apart from the cronut, I didn't think it could get much better this summer as far as my sweet adventures were concerned.  But it did, as Andrea and Taylor, my sweet accomplices took me to Dominique Ansel one day during lunch last week to taste his latest creation - the frozen s'more.  

Not knowing if we can actually get our hands on one of these, we took a chance and as soon as we walked in, we asked the nice folks behind the counter "are we late? Did they sell out?"  "Yes," the young woman said, "the cronuts are all gone."  We smiled to ourselves, as we were no amateurs and quickly clarified what we were talking about.  "No no, you're in luck -we still have the frozen s'mores," she said.  Score!

Frozen S'mores - Keeping these babies tucked away from plain sight, you have to know to ask for them.  The best part is that they make them for you on the spot, torching the marshmallow and browning it before your eyes.  I loved this approach, as it really gets you involved in the whole process, and you almost feel a sense of accomplishment when you get handed that beautifully toasted treat.

The inside is quite magical, as it's completely filled with exquisite vanilla bean ice cream that's further coated in chocolate and a graham/gingerbread cookie.  It's definitely an innovative take on the s'more, which still lets the marshmallow shine as its star ingredient.  My accomplices devoured it with gusto, and even though we shared two, we could've polished off our own pretty easily.

If you'd like a closer look on the entire frozen s'more making process, have a look at this video that I took at the store.

Also, as you can tell, I've recently had the pleasure of meeting the master of these creations, Mr. Dominique Ansel.  My dad offered the sweet hookup one day after we hit up the Union Square Farmer's Market.  Dominique was not only gracious and friendly, he was truly a testament to the sweet genius he brings to New Yorkers each day.  This guy is the real deal and I can't wait to experience what he thinks up next.  Now all I gotta do is wash those sticky fingers.

Service and Cost:
The frozen s'mores are one hot item.  At $7/pop, they will rob you blind but at the same time leave you with a permanent smile on your face for the day.  Arrive between 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. to get your dose.

Dominique Ansel Bakery - 189 Spring Street, New York NY 10012
E/C Train to Spring Street

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