Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Rainy but Delicious Visit to Milkflower

While wasting our time away yesterday on pleasurable things such as museums and delicious eats, Dan and I popped into Milkflower for a casual dinner.  We haven't been in quite a while and were totally craving their blistered crusted pizzas.  Our experience didn't disappoint, and we're already thinking of ways to recreate Milkflower's genius at home.

Shishito Peppers - I love to get these as an appetizer at tapas restaurants, but I've never seen them at a pizza joint.  Dan wasn't so sure, but totally changed his mind when the charred, blistered peppers arrived, along with a side of creamy cracked pepper aioli.  Even though they were light, the peppers did a good job of tiding us over until the next course.  I loved the charred taste of the pepper skin and the pronounced bite from the aioli.  Delicious!

Hawaiian Pizza - Appreciating Milkflower's take on the classic Hawaiian pizza, this came with crispy prosciutto in place of ham, which was ingenious.  The crust was as perfect and bubbly as usual with beautiful little char freckles on top.  A topping of thinly sliced pineapple and jalapeno peppers added more excitement for the eyes and the tastebuds.  Overall, this pie is a total home run, so Hawaiian purists and mavericks, please enjoy!

Service and Cost:
Since we came in right as Milkflower opened, we were pretty much the only people there and therefore received exceptional service.  We were in and out in about an hour, but felt that we could've hung out for as long as we liked.

The aforementioned meal, including a beer set us back about $33 including tax and tip, which is reasonable for high quality trattoria fare. Nom, nom, nom...

Milkflower - 34-12 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway 

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  1. Milkflower is my new favorite. I LOVE the spicy soppresata pizza drizzled with honey. Such a great addition to the neighborhood. I'm definitely getting those peppers next time.



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