Monday, December 23, 2013

My Foodie Debut on Slovak Network Television

Some fun news to report back to you readers, which is that I've made my debut on Slovak network television called JOJ Sk.  Honored to be featured in a story about successful food bloggers in the U.S., the piece, shot by journalist, Marek Gabonay told a story of two Slovak bloggers, Marek and myself, showcasing where the blog world has taken us.

The interview was shot in Astoria, right on 30th Avenue, and many of the scenes take place at my beloved Ovelia.  You'll notice the delicious sesame feta cubes we munched on, as well as different neighborhood establishments such as Leli's Bakery, Butcher Bar (pictured above) and other quintessential Astorian scenes.

Dan helps make my debut that much more interesting, as he attempts to speak Slovak, with his endearing phrase "moja manzelka, ty si zlata," meaning "my wife is sweet."  The comic relief he brought to this piece tickled us all.  Hope you enjoy watching it, even if it is in Slovak.  Please fast forward to 38:00 to skip right to the story.

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