Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Happy Holidays, Astoria!  Hope that everyone is enjoying some quality time with the ones you love.

In preparation for tomorrow's family party at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house, I decided to make these gourmet, hand-dipped pretzel rods.  Originally wanting to make gourmet chocolate bark, I changed my mind at the last minute when I realized I had all these amazing toppings at home and went with the sweet/savory combination instead.

Deciding to preserve the Utz's packaging, I dressed it up with some festive holiday paper and stuffed the decorated pretzels back into the container.  I can't wait to see how they're received tomorrow, but I've already had a happy guinea pig (aka Dan) tell me that they've passed the test with flying colors. Hope you enjoy making your own variations.

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Large container of Utz's old fashioned pretzel rods (you can use any brand you like, but I like Utz's since they're nostalgic for me)
1 container of dark chocolate melting wafers (such as Ghirardelli brand)

1 container of white chocolate melting wafers (such as Ghirardelli brand)
1/2 cup of artisan toasted coconut chips
1/2 cup of craisins, chopped
1 cup of maple bacon bits

Colorful sprinkles or non pareils
Truffle salt
Chopped walnuts

Melt chocolate wafers in the microwave until silky smooth (about 1 1/2 minutes).
Dip each pretzel rod in the chocolate individually and then sprinkle with your favorite topping, above.  You can also use any other topping you'd like.

Lay dipped pretzel rods on a parchment lined cookie sheet and then place into the fridge for about an hour, or until the chocolate sets.  Place back into the pretzel rod container and serve.


  1. Love these ideas!!

  2. will be trying this FOR SURE!! thanks for sharing!



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