Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Taste of the Mediterranean in Astoria

After a week of indulging, I was ready to lighten things up this weekend.  Taking a trip over to Artopolis Bakery for some peasant bread, I was inspired to hit up Mediterranean Foods, just two doors down for some delicious provisions.  

Known for their authentic Greek groceries, including, pita, cheeses, prepared foods, olive oil and various sweets, I enjoy visiting this specialty foods store when I'm in the mood for a treat.  This time once again did the trick, as I picked up a few staple goods to create a really light vegetarian dinner, including:

Homemade Tzatziki - Even though I've tried to make tzatziki at home, it never comes out as good as in restaurants because the texture is always too runny.  Med Foods has their own version, which is really delicious and tastes like the tzatziki you get in any top Greek restaurant in Astoria.  It's tangy, refreshing and perfectly spreadable.

Mixed Olives and Stuffed Grape Leaves - I was immediately drawn to the olive bar, which boasted many (up to 10!) varieties of olives, including giant stuffed olives with garlic or peppers, tiny Koroneiki black olives, bright purple Amfissa olives and more.  Loading up my container with all of these varieties, as well as their stuffed grape leaves, I really enjoyed them on their own, but also dipped in the tzatziki - especially the grape leaves.

Thick Greek-Style Pita
 - To keep all these goodies in one place, I needed a good sturdy pita bread to hold everything.  I went with the Kontos brand, hand stretched, pre-oiled pita, which tasted lovely when grilled and was definitely robust enough to hold a generous helping of tzatziki, tomatoes and olives.

Another thing that I love about Mediterranean Foods are their prices.  The above mentioned shopping cost me just a little over $6, which will last me for almost the whole week (at least the pita and the tzatziki will).

Mediterranean Foods II - 23-18 31st Street, Astoria NY 11105

N/Q Train to Ditmars Blvd

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