Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Napkin Can Really Roll

After what was a very long week, Dan and I hit one of our favorite Happy Hour spots, 5 Napkin Burger to celebrate the end of a long week, as well as some personal noteworthy accomplishments.  Congrats Dan!

It's no secret that 5 Napkin features a 7 day Happy Hour from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. and now also from 9 p.m. - close.  This was news to us, and we'll definitely be taking advantage of this late night special on an upcoming weekend.

What I wanted to highlight here is something new that we tried, that was simply awesome.  While most of us come to 5 Napkin for their exceptional burgers and fries, Dan and I dipped into their sushi offering during Happy Hour, which proved to be awesome.  Even though I've heard good things about their sushi, I hadn't really tried it all that often.  Dan mentioned that their hand rolls were great, so we got a few (quite a bit actually) and weren't disappointed.

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll
- Although the image above is actually of their salmon hand roll, the spicy tuna looked very similar, only know that each roll was a lot bigger.  In fact, I think almost double the size of the one you see above, which is the catering/party version.  

First off, I love their shape - looking like neat little cones, the delicious contents are placed somewhat loosely inside, and they're pretty different than your traditional sushi roll, which is pretty tight and compact.  The tuna is super fresh and found in generous chunks, flavored with spicy mayo, crunchy bright red roe and fresh, zesty cucumber.  It's a filling bite, especially if you have about two or three or four!

Service and Cost:
I've never experienced anything but great service here, and that's certainly also the case during Happy Hour.  All the waitstaff is attentive and the food is brought out in good time.  Note that if you're pressed for time, you can get in and out of here in about a half hour to forty minutes, drinks and food included.

At $4 beers, $2 sliders and $2 hand rolls, you simply can't go wrong. Need I say more?!

3 Mmmms

5 Napkin Burger - 35-01 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11106 


N/Q Train to 36th Avenue 

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