Monday, June 4, 2012

Basil Brick Oven is Super Sized

Right before going to Japan, I had the distinct pleasure to attend a really fun event at Basil Brick Oven Pizza, in honor of their big expansion.  Meg came with, and we were prepared to enjoy a fun, yet laid-back evening with good food, drinks and culinary networking.  We were totally shocked to see how high-profile and glitzy this event was (in a good way), and as soon as we arrived, we noticed people spilling out of the new location, enjoying their fizzy prosecco cocktails and eating gelato.  "Wow! What a neighborhood affair," we both thought, as we saw people laughing, chatting and really relishing in a new and exciting neighborhood establishment.  

Even though the food, I don't think was totally representative of what they serve in the restaurant, as it was designed to serve a big party rather than more intimate dine-in groups, the atmosphere was electric.

New Digs:
To say that the space at Basil Brick doubled would be doing it injustice, as I feel it more like quadrupled.  The previously little pizza and panini spot went from a tiny storefront, seating about 20, to a legit restaurant with an impressive anteroom, a large kitchen and an expansive dining room in the middle and the back (now probably seating more like 50 or 60).  I just love the view you get from the back of the restaurant, as you can observe the busy Hoyt Avenue, and get a gorgeous vision of the RFK bridge.  Outdoor seating will be available as well, and surprisingly the restaurant feels more private and somehow more legit.  I mean, we all knew they produce quality eats, but now they have the space to prove it.

Something else I noticed and really liked was the gelato area towards the front of the restaurant, which feels more casual and still very much like a grab and go place.  Meg and I indulged in a cup of their homemade gelato, me trying the coffee and Meg having the stracciatella, I believe.   While I didn't taste the latter, the coffee flavor was deliciously strong and had that nice creamy consistency too.  I'd gladly come back for another on a hot day.

If this little description hasn't enticed you yet, make sure to check out their tantalizing
menu of homemade, simple Italian eats such as gnocchi, pasta, pizza (both savory and sweet), salads, panini and more.  You can enjoy a meal in their beautiful new space or you can always get take-out.  Try it, and do let me know what you think.

Basil Brick Oven Pizza - 28-17 Astoria Blvd, Astoria NY 11102
N/Q Train to Astoria Blvd 

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