Monday, August 15, 2011

Omonia Next Door Has Sweet & Savory Crepes

I love getting out to Omonia Next Door any chance I get, and happened to stop in last week after dining at Pachanga Patterson.  It was a hot night and I was very much in the mood for gelato again.  My previously successful gelato experience there definitely steered me that way again, and I wanted to try new flavors.

The selection changes somewhat day to day, but I was happy to see they had dulce de leche, which I instantly tried.  I went for it, combining it with a scoop of mango gelato to cut the sweetness.  Here's what I thought:

Dulce de Leche & Mango Gelato - Just like my previous experience with the caramelized fig flavor, the consistency of the gelato was perfect.  Luxuriously creamy and smooth, it was easy to spoon out, its semi-soft goodness melting on your tongue.  The dulce de leche was pretty sweet and carameley but in just the right way, making you dip your spoon in continuously for more. I loved pairing it with the mango, as it made the combination more refreshing and gave it that hint of zest.  The fruit tasted natural, instead of some gelato in which you can taste the artificial powder - not here certainly, and I'm encouraged to try more flavors next time.

As I was walking out, I noticed an interesting flyer near the entrance, which spoke of their sweet and savory crepe offering.  It looked absolutely delicious and tantalizing, so I wanted to share it with you here:

Sweet Crepes:
La Prima Donna - Nutella and whip cream...$4.95
Fruit Flambe - Fresh strawberries, bananas, vanilla custard, nutella, Bailey's Irish Creme, Grand Marnier lit with Bacardi 151...$10.50
The Achilles - Apple pie filling, fresh bananas, cinnamon, walnuts, Grand Marnier & chantilly cream...$7.75
Nutty Professor - Bananas, fresh strawberries, chocolate fudge, walnuts & chantilly cream...$7.25

Savory Crepes:
Ham & Cheese Crepe - Ham, cheese and mushrooms, served with a light mayonnaise dressing...$7.50
The Broadway Crepe - Chicken, ham, mushroom, scallions, garlic, basil and Swiss cheese...$7.95
4 Cheese Crepe - Mozzarella, monterey jack, Swiss cheese and gouda, served with a balsamic vinaigrette...$7.25

Chicken Pesto Crepe - Shredded chicken, roasted peppers, Swiss and parmesan cheese...$7.95

Omonia Next Door - 32-20 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway

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  1. Someone told me they have the best whole wheat baguettes. So I went and bought one. They were right. Delicious and full blast whole wheat.



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