Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Omonia Next Door Hits the Sweet Spot

After what was a very delicious and filling meal at JJ's, Meg, Tom and I still had an inkling for something sweet.  Well the truth was that on my way to meet them, I passed by Omonia Next Door and was completely drawn to the sign that said "Gelato." It was a pretty warm day out, and I was jonesing for something cold and refreshing.  Besides, I've been meaning to check out this place, after a very short impromptu visit the first time around.

It didn't take much to convince my food-loving (and dessert appreciating) friends to visit this sweet shop. They were all-in.  Upon walking in, we were confronted by a plethora of colorful and beautifully prepared goodies such as intricately dressed cupcakes, cookies of all shapes and sizes, cakes and of course the gelato we were after, located in the back.

The gelato flavors varied from cherry, pistachio, biscotti, Nutella, several fruit flavored sorbets, and also a flavor that caught my eye, caramelized fig and biscoff.  I ordered a small cup and dug in with pleasure.

Caramelized Fig and Biscoff Gelato - Even before I get into the taste of this gelato flavor, I want to take a minute to touch upon the pretty presentation you see above.  I love that it included an upside down mini cone that you can dip your gelato into and enjoy in small, delicate bites.  The gelato itself was delicious and not overly sweet.  It had a hint of liqueur in it (maybe amaretto) and I enjoyed the slight crunch from the biscoff cracker.  It was a great way to end a very satisfying meal, and as you can see from the portion above, they didn't skimp out.

The gelato set me back about $3.75, which isn't cheap but definitely worth every penny.  I was very tempted to get some other stuff too, but I'll have to hold out for next time.

We did have the chance to check out the outdoor garden, and it was fabulous - peaceful, quiet and surrounded by nice-looking greenery.  Although I'm not sure that the greenery was natural, it was still nice to look at and created a relaxing atmosphere and a respite from the busy hubbub of Broadway.

3 Mmmms

Omonia Next Door - 32-20 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106

N/Q Train to Broadway

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