Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lucas Steakhouse is Coming Back

Image courtesy of Aaron Gwirtz

Receiving some exciting news by way of a fellow reader, Aaron, I wanted to inform you that the upscale, Lucas Steakhouse is re-opening this week.  Closing its doors back in November, the news was met with a lot of mixed emotions, some expressing chagrin and others totally understanding why such an upscale, expensive establishment couldn't attract a vital audience in Astoria. 

While I'm not yet sure what's changed this time around, I'll make sure to investigate and get back to you.  I hope the prices have dropped a bit so we can all get around to actually trying it, instead of suffering from sticker shock.

Reopening day is scheduled for this Friday, as you can see.  Please let me know if you happen to try it, and about the changes you experience.

Lucas Steakhouse - 34-55 32nd Street, Astoria NY 11106

Train to 36th Avenue


  1. I had no problem with it being upscale or expensive. It was just a bad steakhouse, period. So I sure hope they have a new business model and chef ready for the re-opening.

  2. Thanks for your honest feedback - can't wait to see what's different. I'll report back, as I may just try it this time around.


    this coupon might help with the price

    I ate here before the reopening and actually thought it was delicious; had they dry aged steak and fish special of the day



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