Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just for Laughs - Alton Brown Disses the Food Network

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Nothing brightens up a dull day like some good ol' fashioned Food Network humor.

Vicky sent this over and it had me rolling with laughter - hopefully it'll make you giggle and look at the Food Network in a whole new way. The video shows a clip from a radio show interview with Alton Brown, the Food Network's quirky, science-food guy who blatantly disses a lot the network's most popular personalities.

A taste of the topics discussed:
Giada's weight - "I've personally never seen Giada eat."
Barefoot Contessa - Is it fishy that Jeffrey only comes home on the weekends?
Bobby Flay - "He's the nicest guy at the network."
Sandra Lee - "You mean semi-sane, semi-freak-out-of-her mind. She wanted to show me this bad mole that she had taken off her chest."

There's more here. Don't know about you, but nothing will ever be the same again. What happened to the Food Network family? Apparently they don't even know each other - sniff, sniff, snicker, snicker.

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