Friday, October 2, 2009

Salud - Organic Latin Eats Worth the Adventure

Salud - 1308 Avenue H, Midwood Brooklyn 11213

Q Train to Avenue H

Meg and I went on quite the excursion to Midwood, Brooklyn this week. Although it was a hike, it was so worth it because we ate at a delicious, organic Latin juice bar & eatery called Salud. If you're looking for adventure or if you live in the area, I wouldn't miss it.


Bright, uplifting and cheery come to mind when thinking about Salud. I simply loved its colorful decor, which clearly says life, adventure and healthy living. There's plenty of lush greenery around in the form of potted plants, giving off a slightly tropical feel. The seating is eclectic with a couple of small tables up front, a long bench in back and even a juice bar with high stools in the middle.

My favorite element of Salud was the beautiful Latin music and local art on display. It all feels very personal and we found out that it is--the owners mentioned that some of the artwork comes from their family collection from Mexico. It was a mix of modern/abstract and traditional paintings - just lovely.

Food and Drink:
Salud specializes in healthy, organic food with a Latin twist. I was very impressed with their homemade products, such as the legendary Mexican hot chocolate, which they also outsource to specialty food stores.

Sweet Potato and Kale Soup - Meg and I started with this soup, which was a special of the day. With the sudden drop in the temperature outside, it was a nice way to warm up. The broth was thick and slightly sweet, with a nice hint of cinnamon. If you're intimidated by kale, don't be - it was interlaced so seamlessly and subtly in the soup, that it was really pleasant. Plus, it's a super vegetable, packed with 19 vitamins and minerals - what could be better for you?

Chicken Torta - This gorgeous sandwich came highly recommended by Salud. The thin, slightly toasted ciabatta roll was packed with flavorful and fresh ingredients such as avocados, tomatoes, quesillo (Mexican cheese), beans and the piece-de-resistance, lightly breaded chicken. Both Meg and I loved how thin and delicate the chicken was - even though it was fried, it wasn't greasy or heavy. The avocado and beans rounded out the dish and gave it that wonderful Latin flavor- it was like a burrito but in sandwich form. I'd love to replicate it at home and think I just might. By the way, this sandwich was pretty huge and was a perfect item to split with another person.

Drinks - Meg ordered a You are Berry Nice smoothie and I got the Mexican hot chocolate. I was stunned by the sheer size of the smoothie - it was 20 oz! 20 oz of heaven that is, with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, banana and oat milk. Again, plenty of vitamins and minerals to fulfill your quota for the week. The drink tasted fresh and tangy but not overly sweet, which was a good thing.

My Mexican hot chocolate was out of this world! It's impressive that it's truly homemade, ground with spices and a couple of secret family ingredients. I loved how frothy it was on top and once I took a gulp, I began to relax. The taste was rich and smooth and slightly spicy from the cinnamon - however, it didn't have the adverse effect that rich whole-fat milk usually has on me. The oat milk was a nice touch and a great alternative for people who can't tolerate dairy.

Service and Cost:
I already mentioned the incredibly personal vibe here and that extends to the service. The staff, who are also Salud's owners are friendly, low-key and super knowledgeable about food. I very much enjoyed speaking with Mayra, who was our server that night - listening to her stories about family and traditions made me feel so good about this place. These people really enjoy what they do, putting love into every crevice of this establishment, and it shows.

Costs could not be more wallet friendly - nothing on the menu exceeds $6.95. Here's the run-down:

Soups - $3.95
Sandwiches and Wraps - $2.95-$6.95
Organic coffee and hot chocolate - $1.50-$2.25
Juices and Smoothies- $2.95-$5.95

3 Mmmms

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  1. I love that place! So glad to be reading about it on FOODISTA.

    The food there is sooo good!



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