Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guest Foodista Vicky on LIC's Excep-SHI-nally Good Food

SHI - 47- 20 Center Blvd, Long Island City NY 11101
Reservations: 347-242-2450 Take Out: 347-242-2448
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue

Impromptu guest post to give you the good word on some good food. This past weekend, I (Vicky, cousin of Judista the Foodista) found myself in Long Island City. I've been keeping an eye on the opening of a new Asian restaurant in town, SHI, and this weekend I was finally able to try it out. Here's a quick synopsis of/commentary on my meal.

Note: I ordered in, so I don't have full details on ambiance, service, etc. Sorry kids.

Double note: I am not as skilled as the Foodista in the art of foodie-ing.

Seafood tom yum soup w/ noodles ($9): I'm usually a non-liker of all things spicy, but things seem to have changed. This soup is an awesome combination of spice, fire, and flavor. And it comes with a really good ratio of seafood drowned inside, which really balanced out the heat. The vermicelli noodles, which were given in a separate plastic tin, also served as a good soaker-up-er of the spice.

I think why I was able to eat/enjoy this soup as much as I did, despite its heat, was best described by my co-eater at the time (whatup Eric): "the heat doesn't linger." Mm, so true.

Heads up if ordering in: This portion is gynormous. Share share share. Or don't, whatever.

Mango chicken w/ jumbo shrimp ($16): This dish is on the complete other end of the flavor spectrum (in relation to the tom yum). The sauce was sweet and light, the chicken and shrimp were perfectly cooked. And they totally didn't skimp on the shrimp, like I've experienced at other restaurants. What I enjoyed most were the thinly shredded pieces of cooked mango and pepper strewn throughout the dish. In the words of renaissance woman, Rachael Ray (whom I prefer watching on mute), "yum-O."

The truth is, SHI's menu is packed with lots of good stuff, and I am not the most decisive of people. Choosing my dinner was not an easy task, but I was, and still am very happy with the choices I made. I'll be back there for sure.

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  1. 'atta girl, Vick. I like the new, more comfortable take on foodie-ing (take-out).

  2. you have a wonderful site!



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