Saturday, September 27, 2008

S. Ottomanelli & Son - Old School Butcher Shop

I wasn't planning to stop at S. Ottomanelli & Son butcher shop today, but because I missed my commuter train in Woodside, I was able to check it out. Immediately intrigued by the words on its awning, "the olde fashioned butcheria" I was eager to observe what went on there. It was very simple--no frills really--but very authentic. The butchers behind the traditional counter were welcoming older gentlemen, who I'm guessing have been doing this for quite some time. I looked around some more and was excited to see that S. Ottomanelli also serves fresh and dried pasta as well as Junior's Cheesecake.

Here are some of the cuts of meat that you could find here:

Leg of lamb
Chuck fillet steaks
Baby back pork ribs
Shoulder lamb chops
Pork sausage
American loin lamb chops

They even have game birds such as pheasant, quail, wild turkeys, partridge, geese and duck.

I'd visit this place if you're looking for a more customized cut of meat and better quality than your standard supermarket. Check it out--it's only a block away from the 7 train.

S. Ottomanelli and Son - 61-05 Woodside Avenue, Woodside NY 11377
7 Train to Woodside

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