Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stove - Comfort...Safely Tucked Away

Stove - 45-17 28th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103
R/V Train to 46th Street

I was excited to try Stove and was especially looking forward to trying their fish and chips. My overall experience here was great! The inside d├ęcor is more formal whereas the outdoor garden is very casual and has a rustic backyard feel. For my first course, I could not pass up ordering the French Onion Soup—and was so glad that I did. The gruyere cheese melted perfectly all over the top and sides of the porcelain dish. The soup itself was so so delicious--with spongy croutons and chunks of onion in a tangy, potent broth. For the main course I of course ordered my beloved fish and chips. Not long ago, I had the real thing in London and was curious to compare the two styles. Although Stove’s version did not come with the yummy mushy peas that I had in London, I was not disappointed. The fish was fresh and very light and the batter was crunchy and thick. The only negative was that when I separated the fish with my fork, the batter came apart. The chips were thick, crispy and very much enhanced by the side of New England tartar sauce. I was happy with the service--our waitress was approachable and did not abandon our outdoor table. I’d like to come back here, especially for the brunch where I could basically get the same meals as for dinner but for much less.


  1. I have eaten at Stove several times in the past year, and each time it has never failed to please.
    The specials each night are creative and have always been very tasty.
    Plus their little patio area out back is relaxing.

  2. I love their outdoor patio too! It's so intimate.



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