Sunday, July 26, 2015

Off the Waffle is Off the Hook

Just this weekend, Dan and I drove over to SE Portland to finally cash in my free waffle winnings at Off the Waffle.  Entering their social media contest each week for nearly 6 months, persistence paid off, as I won a $10 gift certificate, which was almost good for 2 servings of waffles.  Overall, the experience far from disappointed and we'll certainly be back soon - especially after our new miniature arrival makes her debut.

Located on SE Clinton Street - one of my favorite locales in Portland - Off the Waffle is hard to miss, especially since it's situated diagonally across from the quirky Clinton Street Theater. There's a few other good restaurants and coffee haunts in the area that bring in a young 30 and 40 something crowd, including lots of families.

The interior is vibrant and welcoming, made up of a nice open dining room which is somewhat modest in size.  I recommend dining here on a nice day when you can score a table outside on their sidewalk or take a waffle to go.  A few convenient dining room touches include little napkin and utensil cubbies on the edge of each table, which avoid you using excess paper goods, therefore decreasing waste.

Something else that I have to call out is the bathroom experience.  Yes, the bathroom is equipped with a fully rotating disco ball and music to boot, making your visit to the loo that much more festive and memorable.

We knew why we came, as we were both in the mood for savory waffles.  In addition to the delicious waffles we ordered inside, they happened to be giving out free samples of their OG waffles outside the restaurant as well so we grabbed those too.

The Self Fulfilling Prophesy - Both of us gravitated to this sweet and savory combination of Off the Waffle's classic Liege waffles coupled with a sunny side up egg, lean bacon and a dose of real maple syrup.  I wasn't sure if the waffle would be too sweet for this combo, but it worked perfectly, reminding me of some of my favorite desserts mixed in with smoky bacon.  The latter was just perfect and they didn't skimp on it at all, Dan and I both observed.  A runny delicious organic egg on top sealed the deal for us, giving this already hearty meal extra richness.  

Service and Cost:
I'm happy to say that everyone at Off the Waffle was nothing but friendly, accommodating, super casual and efficient.  Dan and I were astounded by how quickly we got our food after ordering, and despite this, we didn't feel the least bit obligated to rush out.  Overall, it was lovely experience that I'd like to repeat soon.

Costs are affordable, and even more so for us since we had that handy gift card.  An average waffle however will set you back between $5.25 - $9.

3 Sweet and Savory Mmmms

Off the Waffle - 2601 SE Clinton Street, Portland OR 97202

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