Friday, July 24, 2015

Thai Peacock is Deliciously Comforting

Just the other day, my co-workers and I ventured over to the Thai Peacock for a lovely team lunch.  Not only was it close to our office, the food and drinks proved to be delicious and certainly a place I'd like to return to again soon.

Located on the corner of SW 9th Avenue and Oak Street, Thai Peacock is set amongst other notable food and drink heavy hitters such as Courier Coffee and Maurice.  Its corner location makes it perfect for outdoor dining as well and makes for some nice people watching, especially during lunchtime.

We sat inside for lunch, as it accommodated our larger group quite well, but word to the wise - you should make a reservation in advance.  While the interior isn't huge, it's charming and quaint and includes some pretty touches such as beautiful oak tables, maps of Thailand and a few snazzy light fixtures that help set the mood.  The vibe is a little trendy but still casual enough to come by with your buds or even that special someone.  So all in all - a very versatile place.

There's tons of delicious things to choose from for both lunch and dinner, but in terms of lunch specifically, there's a few specials that you can get for under $8 and the portions are generous.

Honeydew smoothie - I wanted to try something a little different to drink and went with the bright green honeydew smoothie you see above.  What really sold me on it were the tapioca balls that you see on the bottom that reminded me of the delicious bubble tea I used to get in NY's Chinatown.  The overall taste of this smoothie was milky, vibrant and not too sweet, which was appreciated.  As the ice melted, it tasted more and more like a tasty milkshake, and I'd be eager to try the other flavors too.

Kaeng Mamuang - A type of curry dish, this one incorporated fresh ingredients such as chunks of mango, bell peppers, peas, carrots and fresh basil.  It was a visually stunning plate of food that I also chose to have with some nicely cooked beef.  The curry powder used in this dish was pretty spicy, as it was the red kind, and a little hint for people with more sensitive palates is to get it mild or medium.  You'll still feel the spice that way, trust me.

Service and Cost:
I have absolutely no complaints about the service, and especially given our larger party which is usually a recipe for disaster.  While not all of our dishes were brought out at the same time, generally most of the meal's service went off without a hitch.

Costs are reasonable and for lunch will set you back anywhere between $8 - $13.50 for an entree and about $10 - $16 for dinner entrees.

3 Mmmms

Thai Peacock - 219 SW 9th Avenue, Portland OR 97205

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