Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Chocolate Attack at Ruby Jewel Ice Cream

Since days have gotten longer and warmer, I'm always looking for an excuse to go out for ice cream.  Trying most of the places in my direct neighborhood, it's always nice to switch things up so Dan and I along with friends, Barry and Suzanne headed to Ruby Jewel the other night for some frozen treats.


Located right across the street from Stormbreaker Brewing on Mississippi Ave, Ruby Jewel was the perfect place to hit up after visiting the brewery.  On a weekday evening, we found it quite busy and had to wait in line for a few minutes, showing testament to its popularity and goodness.

The space itself is lovely, adorned in cheery colors and photography that displays the delicious ingredients they use as well as people enjoying ice cream.  There's some fun quotes displayed on the wall too that are good conversation starters while you wait for your ice cream - helping the anticipation build.  It's also great to see that there's an extensive seating area inside with an open air atmosphere that's just so pleasant on a mild night.

Ice Cream:
There's a few flavors of the month you can choose from as well as their "always flavors" that are (you guessed it), consistently on the menu.  Dan and I went with the former while Barry and Suzanne chose the more classic flavors. I'd say we all won and our empty cups and devoured cones were the evidence.

Black Forest Cake - I couldn't resist trying something chocolatey, which is why this was my choice and I loved it.  Boasting a few chunky bits of chocolate cake and cherries, it was as rich, creamy and delicious as they come.  Even though this is definitely full fat ice cream, it didn't feel heavy in my belly.  This went down easy and was just as enjoyable a few minutes later as when I was eating it.

Mexican Hot Chocolate - Dan got this flavor in a sugar cone and it was fantastic.  Not too sweet and pretty cinnamoney, it reminded me a little bit of Horchata (the Mexican rice-milk and cinnamon drink).  The cone smelled and tasted divine and added sweetness and crunchy texture to each bite. 

Oregon Strawberry - Recently getting my dose of local strawberries at Sauvie Island, I knew Suzanne would be in for a treat.  Sure this flavor is simple and classic, but that's just what makes it so great.  The strawberry flavor is earthy, clean and palate cleansing.

Service and Cost:

Even though I mentioned there was a line, it progressed quickly and once we ordered, our ice creams were in our hands in minutes, and not long after in our bellies.  The staff seems generally happy to be there, and doesn't mind letting customers try different flavors before making a final decision.

Costs are on the higher side, but still lower than at a place like Salt & Straw, setting us back about $15 for 4 various sized portions.

3 Mmmms

Ruby Jewel - 3713 N. Mississippi Avenue, Portland OR 97227

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