Thursday, May 21, 2015

Visiting Kruger's Farm Market on Lovely Sauvie Island

Last weekend offered one day of nice weather, so Dan and I ventured over to
Sauvie Island, about 12 miles from Downtown Portland, translating to just a half hour drive from our house.  I've been hearing about this magical place for a while, rumored to boast beautiful landscapes, beaches, and plenty of farmland with u-pick options.  Kruger's Farm, one of the most well known u-pick locales caught our eye immediately, also mainly because it's one of the first ones you come across on Sauvie Island Road.

About Kruger's Farm:
Situated on a 150 acre farm lot, Kruger's Farm has lots to offer from fresh berries, tomatoes, flowers and more - depending on the season.  The main farmhouse is located up front as you come in, housing an extensive general store with lots of already picked items available for purchase.  Dan and I peeked in before going over to the u-pick field and were pleasantly surprised by the bundle of great produce, especially noticing the competitive prices.

The u-pick fields located at the back of the property extend for many acres and take a few minutes to walk to.  On a nice day like last Sunday, it was a joy to meander over and we noticed plenty of people, including lots of families with young kids picking ripe strawberries in the fields.  Dan and I enjoyed ourselves as well, spending nearly an hour in the fields, getting lost among delicious fruit.

U-Pick Experience:
After grabbing our pint containers, Dan and I headed out to the strawberry fields, joining the rest of Kruger's visitors in picking their organic, fresh strawberries.  While some were already picked over, after spending some time looking for those pretty ripe ones, we found great bounty - enough to fill two pint's full.

The berries were absolutely delicious and looked very rustic, as evidenced by the above photos.  No matter though, as on the outside they were earthy, sweet and a little tart too.  I loved their irregular shape, popping the little ones in my mouth whole.  They make for a great healthy snack or a nice complement to my cereal.

Aside from the berries, we also bought a few other things in the general store such as Fuji apples, fresh red and yellow peppers and corn that we grilled that night.  Everything was fantastic, and we even took advantage of their bargain area, which had tons of produce on sale for just $1.

Service & Cost:
We enjoyed speaking to the lovely people at Kruger's who happily engaged us in conversation and proudly showed off their produce.  Everyone was helpful and cheery - making us feel welcome and excited to come back again soon.

Costs are excellent at just $2.50 for 2 pints of freshly picked strawberries and the $1 bargains I just described above.  For a full bag of fresh produce, we walked out of there with spending less than $6 - wowza!

3 Mmmms

Kruger's Farm - 17100 Sauvie Island Road, Portland OR 97231

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