Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day PDX!

Image by Grand Central Bakery

It's National Pi Day, which is just a great excuse to indulge in a sweet (or savory), delicious slice of you know what.  It's nice to see Portland capitalizing on this, as I noticed several restaurants, bakeries and sweet shops having Pi Day Specials. Check out a few here:

Pine State Biscuits - Starting with one of my neighborhood favorites, the legendary Pine State Biscuits is featuring their Pecan Pie in all three locations.  Stop by anytime today and get your fix.  2204 NE Alberta St, Portland. 503.477.6605

Lauretta Jean's Pie - As their name implies, pie is their livelihood so they have plenty of options to choose from including special flavors such as Lemon Beach Pie with a Saltine crust and their Key Lime Pie.  They're also whipping up a spiked cherry lemonade for just $3.14 a glass.  Come down and enjoy til around 11 p.m. today! 3402 SE Division Street, Portland. 503.235.3119

Mother's Bistro - This quintessential comfort food bistro always has pie on the menu so you can be sure they'll whip up a special "Pie of the Day" today with a generous hunk of ice cream and a decadent sauce.  212 SW Stark Street, Portland. 503.464.1122

Lovejoy Bakers - Recently having the pleasure to try this gourmet-style local bakery, I noticed they're serving beautifully crafted pie cookies in honor of 3.14.  They come in several festive colors and flavors.  939 NW 10th Avenue, Portland. 503.208.3113

Grand Central Bakery - For serious pie lovers, you can get a load of their house-made pies from their U-Bake freezer and warm them up in the comfort of your own home.  A little semi-homemade action if you will!  Various locations in Portland.

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