Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday Cake Awesomeness from Lovejoy Bakers

In honor of Dan's birthday last week, I took it also as an opportunity to try out a new bakery in Portland - one one that I've heard a lot about.  Lovejoy Bakers, known for their beautifully refined treats was the place I chose to custom create Dan's awesome chocolate cake.

About Lovejoy Bakers:

Boasting two locations in Portland, one in the trendy Pearl District and the other in the South Waterfront neighborhood, I chose the former to pick up my cake.  You can simply call their cake department to place your order and specify from which location you'd like to pick up.

On a lovely Friday morning, I found the Pearl District location to be quite busy, and the fact that it's strategically located on a busy corner spot near Jamison Square also helps the matter.  Aside from customers stopping in to pick up a casual sweet treat or coffee, they also serve breakfast and lunch so you'll notice plenty of people dining in and enjoying.  The storefront is bright and cheery and provides great opportunities for people watching, so that's definitely a draw.

Birthday Cake
I ordered one of their popular cake combinations which is the Chocolate Peanut Butter, as I knew it'd make Dan happy.  Consisting of delicious moist dark chocolate cake layers broken up by even more decadent slathers of peanut butter mousse and finally covered with chocolate butter cream, it was pure heaven.  We all agreed that the peanut butter mousse was the piece-de-resistance, and we all would've gladly just scooped this out of the cake and eaten it on its own.  It goes without saying that we destroyed the next day's leftovers, with the peanut butter mousse being almost completely gone.

Service and Cost

Ordering the cake was easy-peasy and pick up was relatively smooth as well.  Although I waited on line at the bakery for a few minutes, it wasn't anything significant to warrant a complaint.

Costs are expensive but worth the price for the high quality products and ingredients used in their creations.  The birthday cake I just described set me back $36 but fed about 8 people, which isn't too bad.

3 Mmmms

Lovejoy Bakers - 939 NW 10th Avenue, Portland OR 97209

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